Fool me once: You Can subscribe to YouTube through your iTunes Account

In all of my years of using the internet, I have never fallen victim to an email hoax or scam.  Well thanks to YouTube and their “Featured Videos,” I can no longer make that claim. Last night, while scanning their “Featured Videos” section, a page I normally bypass, I noticed a video labled, “How to YouTube Podcast.” It immediately captured my attention. In the blurb section it stated:

“Learn how your YouTube subscriptions can work seamlessly with iTunes! Get automatic updates to sync to your iPod!”

I thought I had hit the ‘jackpot.’

Needless to say, I spent the next 30 minutes following the directions of a guy named Mark Erickson and then trying to troubleshoot to find out why it wasn’t working. Slowly it dawned on me to check the comments section to see what others were saying about this guy’s advice. Only then did I learn that it was an elaborate scheme to make the user look like a fool, in the comfort of their own home.  I was a victim of my own technological greed.

The guy who is behind it, Mark Erickson, has a YouTube moniker “InfiniteSolutions” (Don’t click on it though; at work and probably not at home) and he has produced a number of videos such as this one:

How To YouTube Podcast


2 responses to “Fool me once: You Can subscribe to YouTube through your iTunes Account

  1. Did you figure out how to make such podcast finally?

  2. This happened in 2007 so the technology has caught up and surpassed what I was originally trying to do.

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