Where do you Stand? “Mosaic’s USA Type Descriptions”

Are you “Affluent Surburbia or Upscale America, Small-town Contentment or Blue-collar Backbone, Aspiring Contemporary or Metro-Fringe, Urban Essence or Varying Lifestyle?”

Experian, which is a “information services company,” created “Mosaic” which uses demographic information from the U.S. census in order to categorize nearly 300,ooo,ooo million U.S. citizens into groups. This data can be used in a multitude of ways to help decision makers in business, government, non-governmental organizations, etc., make effective decisions.

For example here is a small description of Small-town Contentment –  “C03 Surburban Optimists: With it’s concentration of Asian, Hawaiian and White residents, Surburban Optimists presents a potrait of middle-class diversity….There’s an even distribution of residents who have graduated from high school or completed some college, resulting in a job market for blue-collar and white collar positions…They frequently watch cable TV networks such as MTV, VH1 and Spike TV….” 

You get the picture….

What type are you or is it too vague for you to be sure?



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