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Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon is offering a great new “wireless reading device.” It offers New York Times bestsellers, web blogs, top newspapers and has the ability to carry word documents as well. It uses the same mode of delivery that “advanced cell phones” use so you don’t have to worry about searching for hot spots or purchasing ‘net cards.’

For people who love read or catch up on news or blogs on the internet, this is a way to do it without having to use the annoyingly small screens found on a cell phone, PDA, etc. It also eliminates the need to carry around a bunch of books or paper documents.

It will be interesting to see how this device will sell and how it will change our the our societal landscape. Will it become a new status symbol with it’s relative hefty price of $399 (no monthly fees) like the iPhone and iPod? Or, will it revolutionize the way our society processes information. Or both? Only time will tell…..