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Solastalgia: We may all suffer from it…..

Are the climate conditions in your area destroying your once pristine ecological environment? Are you affected by the lack of rains, flash frosts, increasing hurricanes or just any environmental change that destroys how things have always been where you live? Well according to the research of Australian philosopher, Glenn Albrecht, we might be affected by it more than we think.

Clive Thompson, who covered this issue in Wired Magazine, discusses Albrecht’s research where he interviewed hundreds of Australians to find out how environmental conditions influenced their psyche. Albrecht discovered that as Australians begin to notice that crops did not grow, forests or gardens began to die out and animals left and did not return they became depressed.

Albrecht labels this condition as Solastagia, which is simply depression caused by longing for an environmental condition that existed in a not too distant past. He describes it to be similar (but not quite as dreadful) to the displacement of “indigenous” people from their ancestral lands.

Albrecht states that even though many of us have become huge technology buffs and even “pride” ourselves on our possessions that keep us indoors and busy, we still have ties to the land that we haven’t lost yet.